Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poppy Coach Handbag and Wristlet

My new Coach Handbag and Wristlet. I love them. :) They are from the Poppy Collection.
The handbag is very roomy and love the bright teal lining. It's supposed to be a cross body bag, but I feel it is too large to do that. My favorite thing about it is the "shoe strings" that go up both sides. The serve no purpose, but I think it's cute.


I wasn't going to purchase this wristlet, but I decided I wanted something small that I can carry around. I love this wristlet, probably more than the purse because I can take it anywhere. It fits my license and credit cards, a cell phone and some chapstick. I also was able to put my keys in it but it was a tight squeeze.


Anonymous said...

What is the purse called ??

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