Monday, December 7, 2009

Silk Naturals thoughts and EOTD

Silk Naturals is one of my favorite cosmetic companies. They sell various things such as skin care, lip glosses and various clones from MAC and Bare Escentuals. The lip glosses are really awesome, as of right now it's my favorite brand of lip gloss. Some of my other favorites are extra light peach Sleep In A Jar - really helps with the dark purple circles on fair skin, Date Bait - an awesome finishing powder that makes your skin look more alive and the Brown Sugar and Vanilla lip scrub. A little bit of lip scrub goes a long way, it smells and taste wonderful and works really well at exfoliating your lips. After using the lip scrub, their Devil's Food or Southern Praline lip balm are a dream to put on. They both smell delicious and are very moisturizing. I have the Chocolate-Orange balm coming and will review that later. Some of my favorite blushes are Stardust, Cosmic and Lady. The always stay true to color and never turn orange and the samples in a jar are only $1.25. My favorite lip gloss is Black Dahlia - it's in their vegan line and is a gorgeous color.  I will also be getting a sample of foundation and will review that at a later time.

Now for the shadows! They are so nice. All the ones I have tried are very nice with complex shimmers. The only bad thing about them is that you can't buy samples. They are only $4 for a small jar and if you don' like it they take returns (same with the lip glosses). Oh, and if you spend $10 they will send you a free surprise shadow. AND for every $30 you spend you get a free shadow of your choice. Also, their shipping and handling is some of the cheapest around!! My favorite shadows are the Smokey Plum Quad.

In this look I am wearing Hint on the lid, Fete in the crease and Sprite under the brow. It looks SO much better in person. I would highly recommend Fete and Sprite. This is a very pretty neutral look.


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