Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silk Naturals Nova, SWAK, Velvet EOTD

e.l.f. mineral primer
NYX Jumbo pencil in Oyster
Inner 1/3 lid - Silk Naturals Nova (free GWP)
Outer 2/3 lid - Silk Naturals S.W.A.K. (free GWP)
Crease - Silk Naturals Velvet
Liner - Silk Naturals Bewitched applied with Silk Naturals Mixing Medium then applied Clinique Starry Plum pencil liner over it (explanation below)
Under brow - Nova
Lashes - Urban Decay Lingerie on upper for a primer and Cover Girl Lash Blast Very Black mascara

These Silk Naturals shadows are really pretty and easy to blend, I think the Nova shade would be a good one for Silk Naturals to have in the permanent line instead of just a GWP. The mixing medium really left me disappointed. I used a couple of little drops with Bewitched and mixed it up and put it on as a liner. I had a hard time getting the line to look straight (possibly my technique, but I don't ever have that problem) and then the line/shadow started to flake off all over the place. It was quite ugly so I tried to fix it by applying clinique plum liner over it. I am not sure how I feel about that Urban Decay Lingerie stuff either, I don't really think it does anything for me except it might make the mascara a bit more clumpy. Not worth the $17 they charge for it. (good thing I got it on Hautelook for way less!) The e.l.f. mineral eye primer is pretty awesome (especially for $3), I have never had any creasing with it. I also find applying NYX pencils in a similar color really help the mineral shadows stand out more.


Phyrra said...

Yeah I had problems with the Lingerie primer, it was clumpy and too wet for me to easily use, but the waterproof side was fine. I may just need more practice with the primer side. However, I love the l'Oreal Double Extend primer and the aromaleigh lash primer.

lillypug said...

I was just about to say to heck with the lash primer all together, (I figured they were probably all about the same) but I will try the L'Oreal one and see how that works. Thanks for the recommendation Phyrra!

Heather / Eyeconic said...

I use the Lingerie primer almost every day, it works great at separating my lashes. I did read something that said you should wait until primer dries completely before applying mascara, have you tried that?

lillypug said...

I didn't let it dry, I just applied mascara right after I applied the primer, I will try that next time. Thanks for the tip Heather. :)

lizS said...

wow, can i just say that your eyelashes look amazing? i mean, they usually do, but they seem especially gorgeous in these pics. nice look, lpug!

lillypug said...

Thanks so much Liz - I swear by that Silk Naturals Lash gel. I looked at some pics from a while back (before I used the lash gel) and I can definitely tell a difference. I use it about 4-5 days a week. Or it might be that UD lash primer...I don't know, but thanks for the compliment. :)

lizS said...

can you post before and after pics, lpug? i've been eyeing the lash gel myself....and i've heard really really mixed reviews about it. some people lurve it, and it breaks some people out and they hate it, so i just dunno....

lillypug said...

I will post a couple, I don't really have any before ones that were taken for that specific reason, but I will post a couple that I found that I had taken before I started using it and you can tell a difference. You know you can tell a MAJOR difference on Emma's (heavenlyfox/louvalope) lashes big time! She has pics posted on her FB page. Have you seen those?

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