Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ulta kit - another lpug project.

When I was at Ulta they had a bunch of these holiday kits marked down to $12.99. Well, of course I couldn't pass that up. I mean, $12.99? :) I really didn't like the case it was in, it's big and bulky and takes up a bunch of unnecessary space. So I decided I would pop those things right out of that cheap plastic and put them into CD cases. Most of them popped out without difficulty, one of the blushes cracked and one of the eyeshadows kind of crumbled, but I pushed them back into their pans. All but three of the pans had sticky stuff still on the bottom so I only had to glue three of them into the CD cases. Then I made labels for them. Much more convenient than that bulky case. I can put all four CD cases into the top of that case. I am gonna use that red case to store other stuff in now. All these colors can be bought individually at Ulta so if I fall in love with shade I can buy it in full size! woohoo :) The blushes, the liners and the lip glosses are good, the only thing negative about this kit is the scratchy blush brush (and the big bulky case). But who cares for $12.99!?!

Oh and yes, the liners fit right into the side of the cases like they were meant to be there.



I wore a look from the kit today.
Inner half of lid - Moonbeam
Outer half of lid - Bayou
Crease - Nightsky
Brow Bone - Platinum
Eye liner is also from the kit - black.
Mascara - e.l.f. studio line lengthening and volumizing mascara



lizS said...

that's a really pretty one, lillypug! and i love the way you reorganized. very smart. ;)

Anonymous said...


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