Saturday, March 27, 2010

everyday minerals (EDM) - they really are a horrible company

I have been contemplating writing a review about this company, but I didn't really think they were ever worth mentioning. Tonight I was informed of this blog and they have really reached a new low in my book. I honestly didn't think they could get much worse.  I have noticed the last few things I have gotten from EDM they they looked like items they already had, with maybe a little shimmer added but I never even thought to compare the ingredients like the above blogger did. I am stunned that they just take a product and give it a new name. I am not sure why I am stunned after everything else they have done to their customers.

I don't even know where to begin with this company. I will start with terrible products. Their shadows are almost all chalky (with a few exceptions) and the blushes all turn orange on me. I have read that this is a common problem. Also, the lip glosses are HORRIFIC! They are very grainy and actually hurt to put on your lips. Their brushes are okay, but nothing to brag about. They are synthetic, or so they say. I have a hard time believe anything EDM says after all the lies they have told to their customers. Some of the lies that I have witnessed are 1. The forum members were told their Super Custom Kits would be leaving then Carina (the supposed owner of EDM) informed the forum members that she would not be getting rid of the kits. Well, a short time later they disappeared. 2. She told the mods that the forum would always be there and that it would never shut down. Within a week it was shut down with ZERO warning. (not even the mods were told this was going to happen) 3. They are supposed to be a VEGAN company (they even have the little PETA symbol), yet they give away and promote LEATHER handbags on the fab club...WTF? I could go on, but I think you get the point. They lie a lot.

Their customer service is the most horrendous thing I have ever seen in a company. The better business bureau gives them an FThis forum page will tell you just one story of the horrible customer service. (you have to registered to read this, but trust me, it is well worth registering to read how awful they are to their customers). I don't understand how a company like this stays in business. All I know is I will never spend another penny on them - this is coming from a person who purchased hundreds (or more) dollars on them.


Phyrra said...

When I tried them out, almost 2 years ago now, their foundation caused me to break out. I thought the eye shadows were boring and the lippy I tried was the nastiest waxiest thing ever. I did like the puff jars I bought from there, and a handmade soap, but that was it.

After what they did to Hoyden (linked in my blog on why this is a company to avoid), I will never order from them again.

Marie S said...

I must say I was very angry and disappointed when all of it happened, but I'm glad that finding out what a horrible company they are made me try other brands. I'm happy I didn't spend more money on their products.

zai shenlaizai said...
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