Thursday, April 15, 2010

Silk naturals lash conditioning gel. Before and After, sorda.

I should have thought about taking some 'actual' photos of my results, but I didn't actually think I would have any results. haha I have been using Silk Naturals Lash Conditioning Gel for a few months, but I started to notice results after about 3-4 weeks. This little bottle of gel is pretty amazing for the low price she charges. Some of my lashes have kinda grown too long in places. If you look at the before photos you can see (especially on the lower, outer sides) that my lashes improved greatly, they were sparse and now they appear more full. They also appear longer and a bit thicker on the upper lids in the after photos. These photos are all with Covergirl Lash Blast in very black, one coat and no primer so they should be equal when I am comparing them. If I were to take a pic of my lashes with no mascara you would see nothing because they are very light blond. LOL

The bottle is kind of silly, it's a little squirt bottle and when you squirt the product out it dispenses WAAAY too much product, so I just take the bottle apart and put a tiny amount on my finger and apply to the upper and lower lid (otherwise it would be very wasteful). I do not use it on my brows, but I know some people do. I use it in the evening prior to bed about 4-5 times a week. I think the first few weeks I used it just about every night. So, as far as I am concerned this stuff works really well. The ingredients seems really good. I have never tried any other kind of lash gel to compare it to. I think for the low price you can't really go wrong. I have also seen two other people that it worked well on. :)
Even though the photos aren't that great, I think you can get a good idea of how well the stuff works.


Phyrra said...

That's pretty good results!

lizS said...

um, yeah. i'd say you can tell a difference! hum. i think mayhap i'll try some. (oh, and no,i hadn't seen her (heavenlyfox) pics on facebook, i'll go check them out! have you seen her new haircut? smokin'!

Heather / Eyeconic said...

Cool! I think I'll add this to my growing cart of Silk Naturals products :)

lillypug said...

Phyrra - Not too bad for $5.95 :)

liz - yeah, check her pics out on her FB page, her lashes got really, really long. Yes, I saw her hair and she looks great as usual.

Heather - you definitely should try it. Along with their lip glosses and eye shadows. ;) If you have dark circles the sleep in a jar stuff is pretty good too.

zai shenlaizai said...
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