Friday, April 2, 2010

Silk Naturals Breathe and Cruise EOTD

Primer - e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow primer
Lid - Silk Naturals Breathe
Crease - Silk Naturals Cruise
Under Brow - Silk Naturals Sonic
Liner - Silk Naturals Amethyst cream liner applied with the e.l.f small angled brush
Mascara - Cover Girl Lash blast in very black

Breathe is a clone of Urban Decay's Asphyxia - a lavender shade with shimmer and blue highlights. Although, I really didn't see any shimmer. I have UDs Asphyxia and I would say it is a a good dupe. UD is more pigmented.

Cruise is a clone from a color from Smashbox's Muse palette - I have no idea if it is a dupe because I don't have the Smashbox palette. It is a very pretty blue color, although with Breathe it looks more purple on me.

Sonic is a very light, pearlescent golden tone with an intense golden slightly pinkish copper highlight. (according to the Silk Naturals site). This is a very pretty color, but I have no idea if it is a dead-on clone like the SN site states because I do not have this MAC color.

Amethyst - a deep purple color with a decent amount of shimmer (again, this is taken from the SN site). Personally, I do not see any shimmer. I must be shimmer blind or something today. I really like this color for a liner but the formula is a bit too drying and hard to work with. I would not buy these liners again and I would not recommend them. However, I would highly recommend the shadows. They are some of the best I have tried!


Phyrra said...

I really love the look :)

Evil Shades has a more pigmented dupe for Asphyxia. I love the UD shade and have it but hate the color payoff from my UD shadow.

lillypug said...

I have never ordered from Evil Shades....hmmmm may have to check them out real soon! Thanks for mentioning it! Hope you and your doggie are doing well. :)

lizS said...

stunning as usual lillypug! i'd heard that sn's eyeliners were hard to use, but i've also heard way good things about e.l.f.'s, if you wanted an alternative. ;) now i'm off to check out evil shades! thanks phyrra!

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